Biggest Outdoor Bed Cinema in the World


Ever been at an outdoor cinema, and wished you could just jump into bed so you don't have to use your backpack as a pillow ? Well, of course you have.

Instead of just the usual picnic rug and bean bag sitcho, Mov’in bed cinema brings in a whopping 150 queen size beds with LED-lit bedside tables, some comfy pillows and you even get a blankie in case it gets chilly.

Mov'in Bed - The Story

Mov’in bed Season 1 was launched in 2016 and sold out in about two weeks. Mov’in bed won Concrete playground best new event award in December 2016 (People’s choice) and was titled one of the 5 best Cinema experience in the world.

Season 2 (March/April 2017 at the Crescent – Parramatta), 3 &4 (October/December 2017  & November 2018 to March 2019 at The Entertainment Quarter Moore Park – Sydney) were such great successes that on people’s demand the Bed Cinema is back in 2019 for a new season and for the first time Mov’in Bed will be travelling all around Australia. Exciting !

Passion for good Movies.

At Mov’In Bed, we love very much “le 7eme art” so we are mixing multi-award International Movies with the latest Blockbusters, the unmissable movies of the year, fantastic Disney classics, exciting Japanese Animations and Horror movie Nights. Movies are screened in original languages with english subtitles… It’s a outdoor movie Festival !

In bed delivery - Food, Wine and Cinema !

The outdoor bed cinema is also bringing the gourmet goods with pop-up restaurants delivering your favourite food straight to your bed. Of course, you can also enjoy some good wine and beers, as well as some popcorn and candies !

The beds can fit up to three people each, but if you’d prefer something more conventional, it’s BYO picnic rug and you can sit on the grass in the designated picnic area.

“It’s fun, it’s romantic, it’s comfortable and it’s unique. In 2019, Mov’in bed is coming back with the biggest outdoor bed cinema in the world,”

The Mov’in Bed Team.