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Mov’In Bed – Outdoor Bed Cinema presents


DATE & TIME: Wednesday, February 20th – 8:30PM

LOCATION: The Showring at The Entertainment Quarter / 125 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW 2021


SYNOPSIS: After a quick shot of a very young Dick Cheney (Christian Bale) getting pulled over for driving drunk, we see the day of 9/11 – in an underground White House bunker, Cheney gives the authorization to shoot down any aircraft deemed a threat… on “presidential authority.” A narrator (voice of Jesse Plemons) explains that most people have no idea how one man came to so much power, changing history and affecting millions of lives.

Director: Adam McKay
Cast: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell
Running time: 1h45
Genre: 2h 12min
Classification: M


“This is an excellent blend of talent and story telling. So many aspects of this film really intrigue the audience. From the acting to narroration and beyond. Anybody who doesn’t really care for politics would probably be blown away by it. Those that do find politics interesting would laugh out loud. Christian Bale’s execution is flawless and McKay’s direction style leaves plenty of juicy humor to bubble over the pivotal plot points. All in all you’re getting a very interesting possibly very true account of one of America’s most secretive and powerful Vice Presidents. Now stop reading this and go see it.

Buy your ticket for an exclusive outdoor cinema experience @ The Entertainment Quarter in Sydney , lay in one of our 150 queen size beds with LED-lit bedside tables, comfy pillows and you even get a blankie in case it gets chilly. Enjoy watching your favorite films under the stars on the big screen. It’s a outdoor movie Festival !

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Bed Ticket, Grass ticket

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Bed Single Admission: One pillow, one blanket and one single bed. (Admit x1), Bed Couple Admission: Two pillows, one blanket and one queen size bed. (Admit x2), Bed Trio Admission: Three pillows, one blanket and one queen size bed. (Admit x3), Student/Concession – Grass Picnic single admission. (Admit x1), Student/Concession – Grass Picnic two people admission. (Admit x2), Student/Concession – Grass Picnic three people admission. (Admit x3), General Admission – Grass Picnic single admission.(Admit x1), General Admission – Grass Picnic two people admission.(Admit x2), General Admission – Grass Picnic three people admission.(Admit x3), Family Pass (1 kid – 2 adults), Family Pass (2 kids – 2 adults)